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We believe 'Never Changing Values'. We seek healthy beauty to benefit people and the environment, also share our values with others.

  • 01 What makes TOUN28 different from other commercial cosmetics?

    One-Step Smart Skin Care : TOUN28 offers 'Put Ons' for each facial management area (T Zone, O Zone, U Zone, N Zone) based on accurate skin measurements. TOUN28 provides sincere customized skincare. It is designed for a simple, one-step service from skin measurement and customized design to subscription.

    Face-Partial Care : Traditional cosmetics demanded you to repeatedly use at least five to seven steps of skincare products (booster < skin < essence < lotion < eye cream < moisturizing cream < nutrition cream). But TOUN28 cut out unnecessary steps and designed for all different skin types and facial parts. 

    24M to 28D :Basic skincare cosmetics have 24 to 36 months of shelf life. Chemical preservatives, many of which are known to cause skin problems and skin irritations are added to extend the shelf life. Microbial contamination will occur when these products are used for too long. But TOUN28’s products are safe from all these worries as the products are all crafted with naturally derived protective ingredients and designed to be used only for 28 days.

  • 02 How are my skin recovery cycle and environment-information utilized to craft TOUN28 product?

    Our skin is affected by hormones, causing various skin changes. Also, it is affected by the external environment as seasons change. Skin sensitively reacts to the environmental changes such as fine dust concentration, UV index, and humidity from heating and cooling equipment. TOUN28 customized a solution to deal with environmental changes. It is to take care of important skin by offering products every 28 days.

    If a higher level of fine dust is expected, we add a plant complex component with anti-pollution functions for the next month subscription. As the high UV index season comes, we add some ingredients such as biological UV protector with botanical complex components and After Sun Care with a soothing effect. 

  • 03 How do I use it? Toner, essence, lotion, eye cream

    The cosmetics are generally composed of whitening line, elastic line, moisturizing line, trouble line and sensitive line. Each of these lined has toner-essence-lotion-eye cream-cream (5 to 7 steps). The thing is that 45% of people have complex skin types with various skin types in different facial parts. TOUN28 dramatically reduced the repetitive steps of each cosmetics line in order to cut out unnecessary expenses and minimize inconvenience for our customers.

    Toun28 has essential ingredients, it is made to provide sufficient skincare for various facial parts. You can stop using other products whose functions overlap unnecessarily.

  • 04 Does 'Righteous Put On' mean there are no chemical ingredients?

    TOUN28 offers products which fit well with each part of the face via fresh subscription service. TOUN28’s key value lies in the spirit to provide products that benefit both skin and the environment. ‘Righteous Put Ons’ are made to benefit both people and the environment.

    Replacing the chemical components was our top priority to benefit the skin. The ingredients of surfactants, preservatives, and fragrance are essential to craft cosmetic formulations. These are also the main factors in determining the price level. It is always hard to find ‘fine ingredients’at ‘fine prices’. Fine ingredients are expensive since factors such as efficacy and scarcity are reflected in the price. TOUN28 tried to put more value on using naturally derived ingredients than spending more on the expensive packages.TOUN28 uses natural ingredients and naturally-derived ingredients. Vegetable surfactants are made from olive oil, vegetable preservatives extracted from scutellaria baicalensis, paeonia suffruticosa and illicium verum fruit, and essential oils for the fragrance are made from distilling actual flowers. TOUN28 also uses raw materials which are designated by the Environmental Working Group (US) with a safety level of under Skin Deep Score 3 (level 1 to 10).

    Small and medium-sized companies pursue righteous products under the current cosmetics market which spends more money on marketing costs and expensive packages. So, join us by supporting TOUN28 and other people who care a lot about helping both people and the environment.

  • 05 Can contents inside the paper package permeate or leak out?

    The answer is no. The contents will not leak out or permeate inside the package. TOUN28’s paper package is made of paper materials certified by the Korea Environment Corporation. It also has an authentication code on the package which is made with craft paper. The inner part of the package is coated with PE where the product is contained. TOUN28 selects safe glue which is used when food and beverage packages are manufactured. Be cautious when using the product since the outer part of the package is made of paper. It may be stained by water or oil, and also the glued part underneath may come undone if too much pressure is applied.

    TOUN28’s package is biodegradable. It took a long time to develop materials that will decompose when disposed of. The current paper package was finally created after a great deal of effort to find biodegradable vials, paper packages, and coating materials which are used in the food and beverage industry. What is more, TOUN28 tested reactivity and safety with the products, and of course the aesthetics of the design. TOUN28 will continue to develop advanced cosmetics paper packages via further experiments.

  • 06 How should I recycle the paper packaging?

    TOUN28’s packaging is made of paper, aluminum (the cap) and PE (the spout, which is seen when the cap is removed) which is a compound material. After using the paper package, empty the contents and rinse well with water. The paper package should not get mixed with other general paper. If you do not have a specific paper collection box, throw it out with other recycled items (cans, glass bottles, etc.).