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Organic Sunscreen

HEV + UV Protector for Dry Skin

We are living in an era where we are more exposed to blue lights than UV light. Are you still using only sun blocks?


Serum for Everyday

Put on upon your skin conditions.
You'll see the difference and say WOW!

our Hand Cream can be used for face and even babies

Hand Cream H2

Protect and build barrier for your working hands with our H1, H2 Hand creams that are formulated with 69% organic ingredients & 0% of harmful ingredients.

Denti Crush solid toothpaste

The Perfect, Safe Toothpaste

Natural Origin, Non-GMO Xylitol, Natural Menthol
The original functions of toothpastes are ensured. Make your teeth and gum strong and healthy.

Preservative & Synthetic Surfactant free

Solid Body Cleanser

Since they directly touch your skin, we use strictly selected raw ingredients only.

TOUN28 Mission

Never changing values.
We seek healthy beauty to benefit people and the environment.

"The best products were the same in every field.
Not decorated, Simple, but made of the best material."

J.maria, TOUN28 CEO